Monday, June 2, 2014

Wonderful Waterfalls in the Gorge

The Historic US 30 is a scenic route built in 1916 along the south bank of the Columbia River Gorge. We missed the first exit of Interstate 84, but took the next one and climbed up to the narrow road tha follows the bluff overlooking the river.  We had a guide book, and had even read a couple articles about the route, but we were unprepared for the glory of the place. We started at Vista House which was an impressive building constructed to "refresh travelers" in 1916.  There is a balcony which looks over the river and gives a spectacular view which reminded me of the Rhine.

 The volunteers at the desk gave us the best information.  Of course they begin by asking you to sign the guest book and ask where you are from.  They gave us a handy little leaflet with the names and locations of 8 falls along our route within the next 10 miles.  

We followed the road and sure enough there were clear signs and ample parking at each spot.  We started at Latourell Falls.  
Bridal Veil Falls demanded a bit of a hike.  
And Multnomah Falls deserves its worldwide reputation.  
Kate was enthralled. She climbed as close as she could each time. 
We are staying in the town of Hood River where the Hood River flowing from Mount Hood empties into the Columbia.  This spot is tops in the world for parasailing and we watched some sails from the window as we ate dinner.  And we can see Mount Hood from the parking lot.mmhopefully tomorrow will dawn bright blue so we can see it again.

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