Monday, June 23, 2014

Under the Golden Gate

On Friday, after a sumptuous breakfast with Ron and Martha, Ron drove us to the nearby BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit),station and we hurtled off to downtown San Francisco. Ron had given us good advice.  With less than a day in the city we should not waste our time on the road, but head to Pier 39 where we could take a 60 minute cruise in the bay.  The air was crystal clear and the sky was brilliant blue as we exited the Embarcadero station.  We found our way using our phone, and had enough time to pick up sandwiches and eat in a park on he way.

We started walking the Harbor Walk at Pier 1.  The route was beautiful and hugged the harbor.  
But it wound around too much, and we were afraid of missing the 2:15 sailing, so we headed back to the sidewalk and sped up.  When we got to Pier 39 we found that it was huge, with many different excursions possible.  We scrambled a bit, but eventually picked up our tickets and boarded the boat just in time.  
There was a stiff breeze as we found spots along the rail in the bow.  
The boat passed close by Alcatraz before heading west toward the Golden Gate Bridge.  

The guide narrated a number of historic facts, but I was not taking notes, and not much sunk in.  We had a great view of the city on the return, although we didn't see any of the sea lions for which the harbor is known.

We did see pelicans and learned that Alcatraz means "pelican."  
The walk back to the BART station was more purposeful, and when we arrived back, Matha picked us up.  We had just enough time for a quick swim before dinner.

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