Thursday, June 5, 2014

Arriving in Seattle

Today was a very different kind of day.  Our mileage was much shorter, although we made a wrong turn and got stuck in traffic.  We started the day with a tour of the Boeing factory in Everett.  We had booked a reservation with the 11:30 tour and had read the list of what we could not bring in:  purse, camera, backpack, phone, food, firearms, just about everything.  Fortunately they had nifty high tech lockers in the entrance, and we joined the group right on time.  We took a shuttle bus to the factory, and our guide gave an enthusiastic but confusing description of what we saw unfolding beneath us.  The complexity of what was going on down on the floor was impressive.  We saw three bays adapted to three different airplanes:  the 747, the 777 and the 787, the Dreamliner.  The size of the building is unbelievable.  The guide compared the space to several large places.  The comparison that resonated with me was that 12 Eiffel Towers laid down would fit in the factory.  After the tour we had fun buying souvenirs, especially Kate who picked up good items for her brother, who is a Dreamliner pilot.  
We had originally planned to meet Danielle by 2, but we had a hard time leaving such an interesting place.  When we finally got on the road the traffic had picked up, and when we got to Seattle a wrong turn sent us off in the wrong direction.  Finally we made it to Danielle and Lee's apartment.
 We sampled some Washington cherries before heading out for oysters.
 Then Danielle and Lee brought us to another restaurant which featured local foods.  Our dinner was excellent, although it was not a good night for the Cardinals.
.  We had thought of riding the Ferris Wheel, but we were tired and settled for a walk in the sculpture park beside Danielle's building.
We left the kids and headed up to Nob Hill to our AirBNB. Tomorrow is Pike's Market.

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