Friday, June 27, 2014

Grand Finale

Our Northwest Passage Adventure ended with a bang.  We took everyone to Dodger Stadium to see the Cardinals play the Dodgers.  
It was a pitching duel with Adam Wainwright against Josh Beckett.  The kids enjoyed the atmosphere, the cheering and the food, although when the Dodgers finally scored a run, and the stadium erupted in cheers, Edie thought it was "too noisy."  

Kate learned a lot about baseball and was amused to hear the opening of Beethoven's Fifth used to foreshadow a blow to the Cardinals.  The Dodgers won narrowly, and we made it home through the traffic.  It was a short night of sleep, but we were able to doze on the plane as we turned back to Massachusetts.  We have been away for a month, and we are more than ready to find our own bed again.
After a month on the road we will live calmly for a bit.  Maybe we will be ready to pack our bags again in the Fall.

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