Sunday, June 1, 2014

Top Notch Saturday

Instead of waffles we started the day with pancakes
 then slid into the steaming hot pools at Sol Duk before the day guests arrived.
But we had too much to do to spend the whole day in the hot pools. We packed up the car while beautiful Violet Green Swallows dipped and sang around the parking lot. 
On our way to Crescent Lake we stopped at a Salmon Cascade on the Sol Duk River. It was not the right season, but we imagined how excitIng it would be to see salmon leaping the rapids to spawn up river.
We arrived at Crescent Lodge before Danielle and Lee and picnicked in front of the crystal clear water. We couldn't tear ourselves away from the blue lake, sunning ourselves and chatting with other guests while we waited for them.

When Danielle and Lee arrived with Juliet it didn't take long for the dog to slip her leash and run off to play in the lake. Lee showed his skill as a dog handler and soon had her back under control.

Our cabin was really comfortable, with room for all five of us plus the dog, and we sat out on the porch and chatted as we looked out over the lake. We talked about swimming, or taking out a canoe or hiking, but it just didn't happen. We were mesmerized by the blue water and just enjoyed the stunning view.

Dinner  a lot of fun. We hadn't reserved in the dining room, but we had a great meal around a round table at the bar. The food was half the price and just as good.  After dinner we sat outside waiting for the sun to set, before heading for bed. 

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