Thursday, June 19, 2014

Weekend Camping in the Redwoods

The weekend was our chance to travel back in Time to the early 90s when we had tent camped for  the last time with our kids. That had been our last camping trip in France, and since then we have generally slept in beds, although on trips they have often been lumpy and inadequate.  Robert and Gosha love to camp and they had invited us on a special weekend trip to the Redwoods area of north coastal California.
Gosha took care of all the details of food and equipment.  They packed their pick up truck with everything we would need for a couple days in the woods.
 It was a four hour drive to the Mill Creek Campground where we arrived in time to pitch tents and make dinner before dark.  

After dinner we toasted marshmallows, made S'mores and sang around the fire before climbing into our sleeping bags.  It was cool, but there were plenty of covers and we even had a memory foam pad which erased all the bumps beneath us

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