Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Departure tomorrow

On my last blog entry I said that our next trip would be in June. We leave tomorrow night and will arrive in London on June 1. We are currently in the throes of departure which begin several days before we leave. The choices in the refrigerator have been narrowing for some time. I've washed all clothes and laid them on the bed as I think through my wardrobe. I've been wearing clothes I won't be taking.  It's been cool so I've had plenty of sweaters to choose from. The mail must be stopped. The plants have been watered. The bills have been paid. We've talked to the kids and some of the grandchildren. There are still a few things to wrap up in the morning. I think we'll be all set.  When we arrive we will meet our friends Bill and Lillian, pick up a rental car and head to Cornwall.