Friday, June 13, 2014

Four Spills and a Snowfall

It is ironic that we spent a beautiful, warm, blue day in caves, and visited Crater Lake in a snowstorm, the next day.  We should have reversed the order.  Crater Lake is a world famous destination, and one which we owe it to ourselves to see again.  We saw it in a dramatic way, but we missed a lot too.
We decided to take Robert and Gosha's three kids with us for the day of adventure.  In the ride up to the lake Carleton, like a true third grader, took us through his book of 100 jokes, most of which were questions we couldn't answer (e.g. Who invented King Arthur's Round Table?  Sir Comference).  Adults don't do well with such humor.  
When we arrived at the park entrance we saw a warning that the weather was not going to be good.  We had warm clothes, and were hoping for the best.  We watched a great film at the visitor center and drove on to find a spot for a picnic.  When we got to the Rim Lodge we found out that they hadn't put out the picnic tables yet.  Undeterred, we made do with the car,and fed everyone adequately.  As we finished, the clouds cleared, and we were able to get a look at the famous blue of the lake.  It is a caldera 1943 ft. deep, the ninth deepest lake in the world, with water so clear you can see for more than 100 ft.  

As we watched a cloud rolled in and there was nothing to see but white.  It seemed like time for a hot drink.  That is where the spills came in.  We got hot chocolate for the three kids, and helped them cool it down with creamers.  But kids being kids, and drinks being liquid there were at least four measurable spills, and lots of fun together.  

We decided to continue driving around the Rim Road.  We skipped a couple scenic stops because there was nothing but white.  And then the spots of rain became snow.  We were in a snowstorm.  The kids asked to get out anyway.  They needed a run, no matter the weather, so we found a spot with enough space for exercise and Kate ran them around until they were ready to sit again.  

As we continued, the snow stopped.  Finally we came to a Road Closed sign, but there was a parking area and a trail which led down to the water.  We went about half way down, and the eastern side of the crater showed the astonishing blue of the water.  

Soon, however it began to drizzle so we turned back.  As we drove home the sun came out and a rainbow spread across the sky.  In the valley below the cows grazed peacefully as though they had never heard of snow.  

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