Monday, June 9, 2014

Hey there Lee, Happy Birthday

Lee's birthday wasn't actually until Monday, but we focused Sunday around him. After all he has to work on Monday. We started in Ballard by strolling through the market, eating, sampling admiring as we went. Everyone got enough although we didn't all eat the same things. 

The next stop was the Ballard Locks with a salmon fish ladder.  As we watched the underground windows small smolts fought their way toward the salt water while adults swam the other way upstream towards the fresh water.  A greedy heron perched ready to snatch any careless fry that came close to the surface.
Our final stop was the University of Washington campus where Lee earned his MBA two years ago.  He showed us the beautiful old buildings, the ancient cherry trees given by th Emeror of Japan, the mountain views, the coffee shop and the building where he did most of his work.
And we ended up at Lee and Danielle's apartment for a birthday dinner. What a wonderful end to our stay in Seattle. 

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