Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Nonstop Vista Points

Our route from San Francisco to LA led us along the California coast following CA Route 1 from Santa Cruz to Santa Monica.  It was overcast when we started, but a hazy blue sky appeared at last.  At every turn the blue waves beat against the rocky shore.  

There were spots where the water washed behind the rock into a cavity and rushed out the other side.  Many of the Vista Points were on steep hills with views that plunged steeply to the water.  There were a lot of people on the road.  Some were on bikes or motorcycles.  Many sports cars were out for the day too.  We didn't stop everywhere, and as the landscape flattened the cliffs turned to wide white beaches.  At one beach we discovered an enormous colony of elephant seals.  Twenty years ago there had been only a dozen, but the colony has grown enormously, and although a large portion of them are at sea, the beach was covered with resting and playful seals.

We arrived at Amanda's in I.A just after 9:30 and tiptoed in to avoid waking Edith, who had been so excited that she could hardly get to sleep.  

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