Friday, May 8, 2015

Slept in

We didn't get up until after 10 this morning. Both of us had very weird dreams and felt like teenagers sleeping in.  But after some breakfast we came back to our normal personas. It was definitely the day for doing laundry, and we read while our clothes tumbled in the machine. Claude put in a fire to fake the chill off, which was lovely but not totally necessary.

After a late lunch we decided to go for a ride along the Loire.

The Loire is an untamed river that is prone to flooding, especially in the spring.
Since today was a holiday there were many folks out walking and riding bikes. We drove until we found a spot to walk a bit and watched a swan and some cormorants resting on the river edge. 

Dinner was another party, this time at Anne-Marie's apartment. Since her place is small we passed finger food all evening. We were all a bit tired from the previous late night. But we had a great time. 

Tomorrow we go to the coast for the day. We expect good weather and blue skies. 

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