Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Focused on the Rijksmuseum

Our major goal of the day was to visit the Rijksmuseum.  We intended to rise early and be in line at the ticket window by 9 a.m.   But our bed was comfortable, and a good night's sleep seemed like a very good plan, so we took it slow, and left the apartment at ten. It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed our half hour walk.

There was a line, but it didn't seem too bad. Peter went to get coffee and sweets which fortified us for the visit. Since we had never been before, we opted for the general collection instead of the special Rembrandt show, although we are Rembrandt fans.

We were stunned, amazed, entranced, engaged, committed to the wonderful collection. We started with the seventeenth century Galllery of Honor.
There were landscapes, portraits, daily life scenes, allegories, historical scenes, and many others.

 We were fully focused on the second floor until about 1:30 when we decided we needed a break. We had tea and apple cake in the café before we headed back. Peter dove onto the 19th century romantics while I did a tour of medieval paintings and Delft ware.

The rendezvous vous was at the gift shop where we bought postcards of our favorites, and realized that it was getting late. 

We played a little at the fountain outside the museum before walking home.

We picked up some take out food on the way and had dinner in the apartment and put our feet up for a bit before getting ready for the concert. 

The concert was amazing. But it will have to wait for its own description. 

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