Friday, May 1, 2015

Parapluies de Paris

The movie last night was great. Nos Femmes is a film based on a stage play with three accomplished actors doing their thing within a great set. You can definitely imagine it in the theater, but it translated well to the screen. The music added a strong dimension.  The topic was friendship, and it was both provocative and thought provoking. It was a good choice.

We walked under drizzle all day.  Since it was a holiday most everything was closed, so there was no museum to retreat to. We began by walking to the Gare de Lyon to buy our train tickets to Angers on Monday.

Then we took the metro to Place Monge as a pilgrimage of sorts. How many times have we brought student groups to the Rue Mouffetard?  
And how many times have we been to Le Volcan?

We sat in a corner and watched the world go by. We ordered Moules, Chèvre Chaud, fish and La Coupe Normande with a liberal dose of Calvados.  We lingered over our coffee and finally decided to continue our walk.  
Since it is a holiday, many people were strolling along, buying sprays of lily of the valley, and window shopping. 

As we walked the Rue Mouffetard memories flooded over us as we recalled taking students for crepes, for fondue, for cheese, for ice cream. Over and over as we walked home, we exchanged stories and memories, stretching back to the 80s. 

Back in our apartment we enjoyed some down time.  We had tea and read, and then spread out bread and cheese for dinner. Our plan for the evening was a performance of Mozart's Requiem at the Madeleine at 9 pm.   We took the subway over and found seats by about 8:30.  We enjoyed the music recalling our roles as singers for many of these pieces at Waring and elsewhere. 

It rained during the concert, but had cleared to a fine mist as we headed home on the subway. 
Rain is forecast for tomorrow again. What shall we do?

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