Monday, May 4, 2015

Good to be here

This morning dawned blue and clear in Paris. I went down to the bakery for our last treats:  pain aux raisins, pain au chocolat and a croissant.  We dressed and packed at a controlled, almost leisurely pace. I had ordered the taxi for 10:30. He was waiting when we carried the bags down and dropped the key in the mailbox. The drive to Montparnasse only took 15 minutes. Since it had been a long weekend the traffic was light. We had time to buy sandwiches and wait a few minutes before our train's track was posted.

We found our car easily but we had to hunt a bit to find a space for our bags. We eventually found our seats too as the train got underway. The distance between Paris is just about the same as between Boston and New York. We made the trip in 90 minutes. Guy was waiting as we arrived. The last time we were together was our trip to New York in 2012. It was so good to see him again. 

Back at Rue Franklin we took our suitcases upstairs and settled in a bit. Janick arrived shortly thereafter. It was another joyful reunion.  We spent the afternoon and evening catching up on each other, our mutual friends, our retirement, our grandchildren and many other topics.  It's good to be here.   

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