Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Today was very simple.  After breakfast we walked into town. Our first stop was Les Variétés, a cafe where we have spent many hours. When I first started coming to Angers it was very hard to use the Internet to send or post photos. I learned early on that the American families were much reassured by photos of their children in France, but the lycée had strong firewall protection that wouldn't let my photos pass. The families hosting me also had a hard time making their systems work for our web pages. The solution was Les Variétés. The woman who ran this cafe learned that university students would come if she offered free wifi. I came too, and for years all my webpages were uploaded in Les Variétés.  So it was a treat to sit there and finish writing our postcards. 

We then headed to the post office to mail a book. As we stood in line we were approached by a postal employee who was very helpful. He brought us to the right machine and helped us figure out the postage. It is a new era when postal employees seek you out to be helpful. 

After that we ducked into Les Galeries Lafayette just as the rain started to fall. We only stayed long enough for one purchase, but we stepped out into gleaming, freshly washed sunshine.  

We made one final purchase and headed home for a delicious lunch with Guy and Janick. 

In the afternoon we took a nap and enjoyed reading in the garden.
It is important to pace yourself and find moments to rest during a trip. Tomorrow we pick up our rental car and go for a picnic with all our friends. It will be great fun. 


  1. We still go to the Variétés, on our own and with the kids for second breakfast on the last morning! Are you SURE you don't miss walking around Angers with 25-30 ducklings behind you???

  2. I should have specified - 25-30 extremely LOUD, not to mention unruly ducklings.

  3. I don't miss having the ducklings tagging along. But I do have many happy and funny memories that pop into my head. The frustrations have faded and the details are fuzzy. It is the good times that last