Friday, October 4, 2013


Peter and I started our Typhoid Vaccination series today.  The vaccine has been in the refrigerator since August 8 when we got our other shots.  Those were for Yellow Fever and hepatitis.  Peter was fine, but I reacted to the Yellow Fever vaccine with a low grade fever, a very sore shoulder and fatigue.  That lasted about a week.  I'm hoping that this vaccine is kinder to me.  We started this morning, taking the four pills, one every other day.  We have to allow a full week between the last pill and entering the zone of "increased risk" as they say.  I think we've timed it just right.  The tricky thing with this vaccine is that it contains a live virus and must be refrigerated.  We will take the remaining pills with us in a cooler as we head up to Maine to close the cottage for the winter next week.  The days are busy with errands and details of leaving home for 3 weeks.  It fills our minds with activity and helps us to focus on the future.  I have started to learn a few words of Swahili, not that it will help me communicate much.  But I hope to show interest and curiosity for the language.  I plan to keep a vocabulary journal like I make my exchange students do in Angers.  Three words a day is the goal.  I think it will be fun.  The word I love is "Jambo" which means "Hello."  It is such a cheerful greeting.  My driver has been emailing me and says that Kenya is the "land of smiles."  I can't wait to say "Jambo" to him.

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