Monday, October 14, 2013


Well it's time to pack.  Everything is clean and laid out on the guest bed.  We decided to check two suitcases and take one roller board with us.  We'll each put some essentials in that suitcase so that we have important items with us if our bags go astray. We haven't had that happen, but we've heard lots of stories so we decided to be prepared.  I've loaded a couple new books on my iPad. Tomorrow we go to the bank.  We've been told to use a combination of large bills, ATMs and Travellers Checks.  So that's what we're doing tomorrow.  And there are some important baseball games to fit in too.  At least we don't have to be teaching classes.  Martin and Luna will come up for a quick goodbye on Wed.  Then we leave on Thurs. morning. We're in countdown mode.

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