Friday, October 18, 2013

Latitude and longitude

We are at 2"16'5"W about 45 minutes from Amsterdam. We will soon pass over Greenwich, longitude 0, which gives us Greenwich Mean Time. Tomorrow we will cross the equator because Nairobi is at -1 latitude.  Two zeros within a few hours.  It is strange to travel across the globe at such speeds. We can watch the flight tracker and see our progress. I hope we have a clear day tomorrow. I would love to see the Mediterranean and the Sahara from the air. 

We are now in Schiphol airport in Amsterdam. It has been upgraded since I was last here and the main hall is lavish. There is even an annex of the Rijksmuseum between the G and F gates. And I spotted real croissants as we walked through. The gate from which the flight to Nairobi leaves is not as shiny. Those going to Africa are probably not the big spenders here. And we are too tired to do much. One more flight to go. 

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