Saturday, October 26, 2013

Down Time

Today was down time.  Peter finished his conference, and we had lunch at the Hilton before returning to the Classic Guest Home. After an intense week of meetings it was good to sit together on the patio and catch up with each other's doings.  It's important to pace yourself when you travel and today gave us some needed rest.  The temperature was perfect with a gentle breeze.  The patio tables had ample umbrellas, so we just enjoyed being outside in shirtsleeves.  We'll see what we feel like doing tomorrow.  

There is a Marathon going on tomorrow, which will close roads.  It's tempting to see 
Kenyan runners in action, but we will probably miss it. Standing in crowds doesn't seem like a wise choice.  Kariuki told me that the champion Kenyan marathon runners are from the Kalinjin tribe who live in the Rift Valley.  In fact, the teens I saw and photographed on Thursday on top of the Conference Center tower were Kalinjins.  I joked with them that if I took their picture now I might see them one day at the Boston Marathon.  Turns out that was a good guess.  They are tall and slim with light bones.  They start training young, sometimes as early as 10. The Rift Valley is also at a high altitude, which increases their endurance.  No wonder they win so many Marathons.

Th camera took a rest today. It will come out tomorrow.

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