Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Coming Home Again

Home ends the journey.  We flew back to the USA on Monday, and arrived to an unkempt yard, cobwebs in the cupboards and an empty refrigerator.  This is the second early morning as we gradually transition to our home time zone.  I almost miss the daily push to write about the day, but yesterday was not worth it.  As with previous trips, I still have things to say.  In the coming month I will post about some of the thoughts and observations that have swirled in my mind during the trip.  I want to write about travel in Eastern Europe, about what makes a superb hotel, construction in Berlin, and transportation in a city.  As I settle in, I'm sure there will be other topics, but for now, I'm taking a rest from writing, taking some distance from the journey, putting my house in order.  Check in from time to time this next month, and you might find something new.

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