Monday, August 8, 2016

Layover in Amsterdam

It didn't happen as we had planned. When we're hoping to be on our way to dinner at a Romanian restaurant in Bucharest right now. But our flight was delayed in Boston, and when we arrived in Paris we had less than a half hour to make our connection. 
We passed passport control and headed to the gate. But there was another security line and a mile to walk (I've logged almost three miles today). We arrived to an empty gate having missed the flight by minutes. 
After all that effort we were understandably discouraged. We found a rebooking desk, but the results were not satisfactory.   In order to get us to Bucharest we had to fly to Amsterdam where we would have to wait until 8:30 to leave for Bucharest. 
So here we are in Amsterdam. We managed to contact our Romanian welcome team using the Schipohl wifi and set out for the area where we would board at 8. We passed passport control again but were spared security. 
For the last few hours we did some reading,

found some snacks, napped a bit, brushed teeth,  found a toy,

and taught each other card games.

In a few minutes we're heading for dinner and then to our gate. 
The flight arrives in Bucharest at 12:15. Adi will meet us and get us to the hostel. Can't wait!

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