Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Wiped out

I am lying on a couch in our three bedroom, third floor apartment in Lupeni. Peter is dozing beside me and Katie is writing for our group blog. I am covered in sawdust from sanding all day. My shoulder is sore and there is pine tar in my hair. Brandi laughed when she saw me this evening. 

We started late this morning. The water did not heat in time for coffee and I threw sandwiches together, knowing only the we'd be working and would probably get hungry. We filled our water bottles and made it out the door about 10 minutes late. We did not bring our new hiking poles. 

Two red cars waited to take us to the trail head where we would be working. On the way we stopped at a spring which Brandi certified as the best local drinking water. We were told not to drink the tap water, but this cold stream was to sustain us as we worked. We filled all available containers and continued for a few minutes till we reached the trailhead.

The trail was steep and required us to cross a swaying bridge. I regretted leaving the poles. We won't forget them tomorrow. The climb was steep, but not far, so we made it.  I was panting hard although the kids were bounding easily up the slope. 

We  our work into two elements:  The Wall and the King's Finger. Peter, Fr Tim, Matthew and Jairen nailed the planks and fitted them around the center pole. Who knew that Jairen and Matthew were so good with a hammer?  

They worked all day until they ran out of wood at the final plank. The work had progressed well by lunchtime and we sat on the part they had finished to eat our lunch. 
The rest of us worked on The Wall.  Katie and I were mostly on sanding. Joe and Amy worked on finishing the platform at the top of the wall. They measured and hammered and also nearly finished before the wood gave out.

Ian was ubiquitous, helping in many tasks and always ready to run errands up and down the hill.  In spite of our jet lag we all worked hard.  We had the promise of a home cooked meal at Brandi's at 6:30. 

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