Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Meet the Bates family

Dana and Brandi Bates founded what has grown into The New Horizons Foundation in 1999. They have also become the center of a warm and loving multinational family of coworkers. Their children Briana and Gabriel welcomed us into their home too.

We shared three meals at the Bates home. Two were around the outdoor table with several of their friends sharing the fellowship. 

Every time we entered the Bates home we felt the warmth of friendship and the joy of love. 

Tomorrow we travel. It may take some time before the next post. We shall see. Patience dear readers. 

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  1. Ah, how wonderful...another great blog entry, my bedtime story! Love that Bates family with their beautiful smiles and obvious love for each other and the excellent work they are carrying on their in Lupeni, So happy you--and all our CTR missions team---have been so richly blessed in what you have given AND received. Pleased to know you and Brandi and her little helpers were successful in getting the library software up and running, travel safely tomorrow and enjoy the rest of your journey, we will await your next post as patiently as we can. Off for the day tomorrow to celebrate our 54th wedding anniversary. Exciting! Love, Lillian