Monday, June 12, 2017

Sunday sorties

Although the sun was brilliant we slept in,  We were tired after our long Saturday of driving, and a slow morning was welcome.  We decided to drive to St. David's to the cathedral for the Sunday service.  The cathedral is an ancient building dedicated to the patron saint of Wales. Saint David lived from the end of the 6th to the 7th century. The original building is from the 12th century, but there have been extensive renovations and restorations. The building is beautiful and the service was relatively well attended. The service began with the choir singing off stage. Welsh singing is famous, and the congregation sang like they were Welsh. 

After church we decided to take the road to Solva where Bill and Lillian remembered a good pub. The deal on Sunday is the lunchtime carvery.  Restaurants roast beef, or pork, or turkey, and slice meat onto your plate. You have a smorgasbord of vegetables too, and all,of it is at a reasonable price. This particular pub served an ale called The Reverend James which we all enjoyed. The question is, did Lillian really drink this pint with her Sunday roast?  You'll. Have to ask her. 

We arrived back at the cottage and spent the afternoon napping, reading and writing postcards. As dinner rolled around we began to revive.  We had tea, and soup and crumpets, and bye and bye we started to think of going out. At first it was just a short walk that was suggested,  but Lillian kept urging us to drive out to see the Strumblehead Lighthouse. Eventually the plan gathered momentum and we piled in the car.  Bill turned toward the coast on tiny roads, and we even began to see signs to Strumblehead.  The only other car we saw was an ancient vanagon which seemed to be heading the same way. When we arrived at the lighthouse the wind was at gale force, and the sea was churning  and rolling with vicious currents. Although it was 9 p.m. the sun was far from setting. Lillian, Peter, and I got out of the car, zipped up our jackets, and started snapping photos. As we looked for different angles we discovered that there was a lot with at least 6 cars, and then we noticed all the other photographers. We were the only ones without tripods and long lenses. We had landed in the midst of a group of professionals, but we were all fascinated by the same view. The wind did not let up. The sun sank peacefully behind the clouds at the horizon, and there was no stunning sunset. Sunset was just after 9:40. The solstice is next week, and we are far north. We were exhilarated by our evening adventure and ready to sleep. 

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