Sunday, June 4, 2017

Sunday skies

 Rain was falling in sheets when we woke up, and the news about the carnage in London last night did nothing to lighten our mood. After a simple breakfast we set off for Truro where we went to church at the Cathdral. The building was a beautiful neo Gothic structure. The choir was exquisite but the service was uninspiring. We left quickly for a restaurant called Pandora's Box. It seemed like an inauspicious name, but the food was excellent. Bill and Lillian chose the Sunday Carvery menu. It was a buffet with thick slices of roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, and several vegetables.  Peter and I chose the Dover Sole which was wonderful. After lunch we  strolled outside on the boat dock where we spied some kids catching tiny crabs.

We were pretty sleepy after our full lunch so naps were taken after we returned to the cottage. But it had cleared, so we revived ourselves with tea, and set out for a hike up the hill opposite our cottage, down to Frenchman's Creek which was the setting of Daphne Dumaurier's novel of that name. A number of famous authors have lived and set their novels in Cornwall.  We will also investigate a few Poldark sites in the next few days.

The sky was a sparkling blue. The late afternoon sun bathed everything in a warm glow and we stopped from time to time along the trail to sit on the  well placed benches to admire the view.

 The path led us through fields of cabbages and wheat, past barns and through woodlands that looked down over the Helford River.  By the time we arrived back at The Barn we were ready to leave our boots at the door and sit for a bit.

Dinner was simple, tomato soup, toast and cheese,  and we all dozed  in the living room after our long hike while I struggled to post photos.

Photos are still hard to post. Part of the problem is the Google program I'm using. Part is the narrow broadband in the cottage. I will post occasional photos, but I'll redo my posts after I get home when I can actually post easily. For now I'll just write about the trip, and you'll have to wait for photos

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