Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Strong Winds, High Tide

Since we had not spent time in St. David's we continued in that direction. I photographed the interior of the cathedral and found a few more gifts.
On Monday we walked along a coastal path, beginning in Abercastle where we left the car, continuing to Trefin where we had tea, and finally returning to Abercastle along the road. The sky was brilliant as we set off from the harbor and climbed to the cliff top.

The walk was relatively level with spectacular scenery in each direction.
We walked through flocks of grazing sheep which seemed wholly unconcerned by the sheer drop to the water.

There was another friendly couple we passed and who passed us several times. They were from Australia, but were originally from this section of Wales.  At one point Lillian slipped going down a steep slope, but she borrowed my hiking pole for a bit, and by lunchtime felt fine. The wildflowers were as spectacular as ever, and it was hard to know whether to look at them or the crashing waves on the cliffs below

 Finally we turned inland in search of a tea house.
We ordered tea for two, and I had a scone with clotted cream and jam, while Peter contented himself with a flapjack. 

After returning to the car we decided to turn back to Solva to visit their woolen mill. All those sheep have a purpose, and we watched three weavers making blankets and floor rugs using their traditional designs.  Each mill was identified by their signature pattern, and the Solva Mill shop was filled with color variations of the same theme.  

Since we had not spent time in St. David's we continued in that direction.

We were making dinner at home, so we made no more stops before returning to the cottage.

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