Sunday, April 26, 2015

Room service

Most of our travel in France in the last 25 years has been with students. Room service was never an option. We've stayed in many different youth hostels, small hotels and even retreat centers. None of them had room service. So when we arrived at our hotel in Dijon, late in the evening, and a bit hungry,  our first instinct was to find a bar closeby, where we could order something simple. But when we asked at the desk, they suggested room service. What an idea!  Perhaps we could give it a try. 

We ordered omlettes and a Heineken, and twenty minutes later we heard an energetic knock on the door. A tall young man carrying a tray with two silver covers, strode in and set it on the table. You can't go far wrong in France with omlettes.  There were even fries and bread to fill us up before we settled under the white duvet. 

We are discovering some new aspects of travel. We might get used to this. 

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