Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A Table

We have been in France two days and have eaten two magnificent meals. The first was with our dear friends Daniele and Pierre. The menu was an ensemble of French treats beginning with Foie Gras, continuing with  pork roast, accompanied by succulent, tender asparagus and ending with sweet, red, local strawberries. 

The second meal was with Denise and François who are visiting their daughter in the south.  Fabienne lives in an ancient stone house of great beauty and dangerously low doorways. We ate in the walled patio within the house. 

Again we ate tender asparagus served with roast lamb this time.  The cheese platter was magnificent, and the scarlet strawberries were equally delicious.  Add in superb wine, strong black coffee, crusty baguettes, and the stage is set for daily delights.  We have to take care that the weight we carry home is not just in the suitcases.

Driving north along the autoroute today we passed many familiar landmarks. We had to restrain ourselves from exiting in the direction of Grans where we spent so much time at Domaine de Petite with the Waring French Trips.  

Provence in the spring is fresh. The limestone is as white as in the summer, but the fields are still a vivid green. The perfume of spring flowers lies heavy in the warm air.  And La Sainte Victoire rises ever lovely over the city of Aix.

Tomorrow we will spend the morning at the Marché in Aix and head to Marseille for an afternoon at the new museum, dinner at a restaurant and an evening concert.

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