Thursday, April 30, 2015

Promenade in Paris

Our first day in Paris was sunny with billowing clouds threatening rain but delivering nothing until we were dining with Jonathan, Laura  and their three sons on Magret de Canard, the queen of all steaks. I cannot pass it up on any menu, and here I am en famille with a mountain of juicy duck in front of me. But I'm getting ahead of myself 

We walked all day, mostly on the left bank. We just wandered.  We crossed the Seine, and poked around at the bouquinistes, but we only looked.

We got within range of the pickpockets at Notre Dame, but then turned south in the direction of our favorite fountain at the Lux. We stopped at an Asian sushi take out and turned toward the Cluny. The marroniers were en fleur. And the lilacs scented the air. 
When we got to the Lux we headed to our fountain. This is our Paris meeting spot in case we ever get separated. It doesn't happen often, but it is a great place for a rendezvous.  The park was in spring mode. Not only are the chestnuts in bloom, but the tulips are abundant. 

It seemed to be grandparents' day. At the Luxembourg. The bassin area was thick with children and their parents or grandparents renting sailboats to sent out on the water. Peter finally decided to channel his inner grandparent and picked a New Zealand model which joined the toy regatta and the duck traffic

Afterwards we watched a jazz combo play on the sidewalk and stopped for coffee on the Boulevard St. Germain on our way back to our apartment. 

We had time to put our feet up for a few minutes before we took the Metro down to the 15ieme to join Jon and Laura for dinner.

At the end of the day I checked the pedometer on my iPhone:  16,500 steps, 6 miles, 16 floors climbed. Somehow Peter did fewer steps (his legs are longer) but he walked 7 miles. ??

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