Friday, November 13, 2015

Kentucky Home

We are in Kentucky with my sister and her family. Early in the our marriage this was our favorite trip. Many times we pointed our red VW bug in this direction and spent many happy Thanksgiving holidays here, eating turkey and hiking in the mountains.

Yesterday was a beautiful blue day, nearly warm, and like early fall. The only hint of coming cold was the bare trees and fallen leaves.  We inspected my sister's new house and yard, where a redbud tree, deceived by the warmth sent out a few buds.

After lunch we took a drive out to the Tater Knob Pottery studio, which gave us a taste of the local crafts.  We watched Patty Culbreth at the wheel and enjoyed her warm hospitality.

The objects were beautiful and we came away with gifts for ourselves as well as for others. Patty's dogs welcomed us at the door, but the cat napped, undisturbed in an elegant bowl.

On the way home we stopped at the local reservoir and admired the bluegrass fields, although we haven't seen any thoroughbreds yet.  

Dinner was a pre Thanksgiving feast, with bourbon chocolates instead of pie. After dinner we watched the movie "Inside Out" and then reminisced around the kitchen table. 

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