Monday, November 16, 2015

Homeward Bound

We are on the last leg. We are hoping to sleep in our own bed tonight. Our last two days of travel have been long and fatiguing. We were slow leaving each morning. We had stayed with family and it was hard to say goodbye.

We added a 19th state as we crossed a section of West Virginia with its mountain cabins and leafless trees.

We crossed the Ohio River at dusk and wound through the countryside on narrow roads in the dark. We were spooked by the many dead deer we had seen by the roadway, so Peter honked repeatedly while I followd the play by play on line of a nailbiter Patriots game and gave him regular updates. 
We arrived safely at Karen and Maxk's in time to see the Pats win in the last seconds of the game.
Karen had a wonderful lamb roast to reward us and we talked until late
We lingered over breakfast this morning, and are paying the price now.

Dark was total by 6pm when we stopped for dinner 
We have reached Connecticut  now and no longer need the GPS. We know the way.  

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  1. Welcome home! Lovely photos, terrific story of your wanderings.
    Lunch, one of these days??