Saturday, November 9, 2013

Magnificent Majestic. Magical Murchison

The visit to Murchison Falls requires two steps.  The Serbian group that shared the boat with us disembarked at the base of the rapids and climbed the rocky path to the top of the falls.  We stretched the visit over two days.  The first trip was the approach to the base of the falls.  

The mist rose in the air before we saw the water falling.  The Victoria Nile drops four times between Lake Victoria and Lake Albert, and Murchison Falls is the greatest drop. Before the dam was built upstream, the falls were even more spectacular. Foamy bits of bio matter float on the surface. Our guide told us that the foam was from the water hyacinths in the river which were crushed going over the rocks.  The water plunges 141 feet to the base of the rocks before flowing the few  remaining kilometers to Lake Albert where the Victoris Nile joins the Albert Nile and flows toward Egypt.  
After the boat ride we returned to the lodge for a relaxing swim and dinner, before packing.
We had to catch the early ferry, and then drove to the top of the falls.  What a spectacular view!  Words pale.  I will merely show a few images.  The power of the water was amazing.  What a great finish to our visit to Murchison Falls.

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