Saturday, November 9, 2013


Our game drive was spectacular.  Every animal in the park did not reveal itself, but that is unrealistic.  The sky was one of the major players.  It was cloudy when we set off at 7 am, and throughout the morning the charcoal, blue set off white puffs of clouds.  Blue sky peeked through, and rain occasionally showered the ground.  
Against the charcoal sky, the tawny savannah highlighted the animals.  Their camouflage was striking.  Sometimes dry bushes moved or sticks stood up in the grass.  Other times an animal spotting turned out to be a clump of acacia or a termite mound.  
And in the distance the  Nile snaked through the landscape.
The lions were probably sleeping off a previous meal.  The elephants watched from far away beside the river.  
But the hills were full of Rothchild giraffes, Hartebeests, Oribis and Uganda Kob.
There were herds of buffaloes surrounded by clouds of white egrets.  
And in the hippo pool there was a convention.

 Baboons, warthogs, bush bucks grazed close to the river.  Birds of many types sang and swooped through the tall acacia trees.
It was a magical morning, even without the lions.  Our driver, Matthew brought along the best pineapples I have ever eaten, and a basket of perfect mangos which he carved up with his razor sharp knife.
The road was a muddy mess because of rain the previous day.  We thought we might be blocked by a huge truck which was mired in the mud.  But another truck gave it a shove, and 4 wheel drive saved the day for all of us.  

We made it home for lunch.  

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