Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Today is Wednesday, and after yesterday, when no new snow fell, and the sun shone briefly, it is snowing again.  They tell us this is no big deal.  A little “ocean effect” snow which is very localized.  Tomorrow there will be more, although no advisory has been announced meaning it should be less than six inches.   There is more coming on Sunday, although no one is talking much about it. 

The weekend storm was depressing.  It started on Saturday night and snowed until Tuesday morning.  On Monday afternoon Peter was despairing:  “We’re stuck in here.”  He was right.  There was no way to go anywhere.  The truck did not plow us out until Tuesday morning, and that was an adventure. 

There is no place to push the mountain growing on our driveway.  At first it was on the lawn at the edge of the driveway, but the mound has encroached on the drive.  The truck is blocked in the garage, and will not come out until sometime in May, I fear. 

Backing the car out of the garage is tricky, and when you get to the road, there are inches of packed snow to negotiate before you make it to Rt. 97 where the road is visible.  We went out yesterday, just to do it, and we met others in the stores responding to the same compulsion.

The pathway I had dug last Friday that lead to the propane tank was completely filled in.  I dug it again, hoping the propane comes before the next storm. 

Today I tackled the deck.  I was afraid that the weight of the snow would crack the glass on the deck table, or even tear the deck from the house.  I worked hard for at least an hour, dumping many pounds of snow over the railing, making a pile that reached to the top of the deck railing.  Then I decided to keep going. 

Trying to battle the drifts behind the house, to reach the birdfeeder, was no longer possible.  Instead, I shoveled straight from the deck to the retaining wall of the garden, and turned left at the top of the wall to reach the feeder.  Hopefully I can keep this new path alive.  The birds responded enthusiastically. 

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